How much does it cost to run a Smart Bulb?

There are a few factors to consider such as your usage rates and how often you use your bulbs. That means we can’t accurately tell you exactly how much the smart lights are costing you. We have added in two calculations, both based on an average 25c/kWh rate. See below to calculate your own.

  • 3hrs/day for 365 days = $2.46 /yr
  • 24hrs/day for 91 days (on constantly for a billing quarter) = $4.91 /qtr

Calculating energy costs

To calculate the energy costs based on your own rates and usage habits, input your own values (hours, days and energy rate) and click calculate.



Here’s the basic math in three simple steps.

1. Calculate kilowatt hours:

We have already converted the Inteli smart bulbs 9 watts into kW (9 watts / 1,000 = 0.009kW). 

Use the kW figure to calculate kilowatt hours (kWh). Multiply kW by the number of hours of usage. Here we assume the light is used for six hours per day.

kWh x hours of use per day (example: 0.009 kW x six hours = 0.054 kWh per day)

2. Calculate kilowatt hour usage time period (days) your figuring out:

A standard billing quarter is 91 days. So for a billing quarter you just multiply your daily usage by 91. If calculating for a year, multiply by 365.

kWh per day x time period (example: 0.054 kWh/day x 91 days = 4.914kWh per quarter)

3. Calculate the cost:

For the last step, look at your electricity bill to see your usage rate. For the example, let’s assume a rate of 25c per kilowatt hour.  For the quarterly cost of your Inteli Smart Bulb, multiply the usage rate by your total quarterly usage.

kWh per quarter x usage rate (example: 4.914kWh x 25c = $1.23 per quarter)


As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.