Google Assistant Setup

Please follow the following instructional video for setting up your Inteli Bulb with your Google Assistant.

Download the Google Home App 


    To ensure proper connection please make sure of the following things:

    1. No proxy warnings on the google home app like “Can’t update setting, check your connection” or the like.
    2. The bulb is switched on at the wall (no remote functions will work)
    3. Your Inteli account login details are correct


    1. If you are having trouble connecting to or controlling your lights through the google home app you can now say "Hey Google, Sync my lights" to bring all lights up to date with google home.
    2. If this does not work, please manually 'check for new devices' in the google home app.
    3. If the connection issue is still occurring please unlink the 'smart life' account and then relink it in the google home app.
    4. Ensure the device is correctly placed in a room where you have voice control.