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Google Home Integration

Please follow the link here for a detailed guide.

Please follow the link here for some Google Home troubleshooting steps.

Inteli Bulb


  1. Go into one of the bulbs that you'd like to have in the group. 
  2. Select the edit button in the top right corner and click on 'Create Group'.
  3. Select all the lights you'd like to control in one group and click confirm,
  4. Choose a name and hit save. 

You now have group control!

Yes, securely.

In the Inteli App, you can set up a home for a device or group of devices and invite users to be a member of your home.

You can seperate different products and the people that control them by creating multiple homes.

No. The Inteli bulbs are not designed to work with a hardware dimmer, however they are still able to be dimmed using the app and any software integrations.

The Inteli Bulb is not rated for outdoor use and this use may void the warranty.

That's normal!

Inteli Bulbs have passed all the extensive Australian tests which includes safety regulations for temperature.

The Inteli Bulb will get warm during normal operation and this is completely normal.

Please note, the Australian regulations require the bulb to be used in a space that is not completely enclosed.

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